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We use a pyramid-type shape as an ideal shape to get our fire going. Place a generous amount of tinder (or a jiffy if you feel like cheating) in the centre of the fire pit. A pile of about 100-150mm of tinder is perfect.

Now its time to add your firewood. Pick the smaller pieces of your firewood and add 2 of 3 to the fire in a pyramid shape. Once these pieces are burning you can start to add larger pieces of firewood until your fire is cranking!

Stack your smallest pieces of kindling around and on top of the tinder in the shape of a teepee, leaving 10-20mm between pieces This allows your fire to breathe and gives you room to be able to light the tinder in the middle.

If you wish to cook, you need to get the fire going as per above, with at least 5 or 6 pieces
of good firewood, then leave the fire until it has died down to no big flames or smoke. There will be plenty of heat, but you don’t want any large flames around when you are cooking.

Using your long-stemmed match or lighter, ignite the pile of tinder in the centre,
Once the fire had reached the kindling and it is approx. ¼ burnt, add a few larger pieces of kindling until you have a healthy sustained blaze.

Once it had died down enough, we usually use a spade to drag most of the embers to one side, leaving about 50-80mm of embers under the side that we will be cooking on.
Remember, the more embers the hotter it will be.


Often, we will remove all the embers
from the cooking side and the radiant heat and the heat from the embers from the opposite side will be more than enough to cook with. Once you have done this, it’s time to drop the grill/hot plate on, wait for a minute and get cooking!!!

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