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Made right here in Australia, using Australian steel. From Australians for Australians. 

Being outdoor lovers since forever, we are always out there enjoying the elements. When we needed a decent fire pit to enhance our outdoor experience, we were disappointed with the lack of quality products there were available.


Sure, a quick trip to the local hardware store would get us out of a spot, but a season later, we would be back where we started from as they just aren’t made to last. 

So, being in the engineering/steel fabrication industry, one was drawn up, made and taken out to the bush.


Well, to cut a long story short, it worked, but it buckled, bent and bowed so much that it was called a failure. Ok, so we realised there was actually a lot more to building a firepit ‘that worked’ than we had ever anticipated.


More like a science even.

We knew what we wanted. A bulletproof firepit. One that could take whatever we could throw at it. A small fire to roast some marshmallows. A raging fire to keep a dozen warm. One that we could enjoy while we cooked up a feed for the family.

Whatever the use, we knew that we needed one that could be assembled in a jiffy, could be used for anything, then even doused with water to cool it down in a rush when it was suddenly time to pack up camp. With the nature of heat/fire and steel, the ever-present issue of distortion and the controlling of it, the challenge was not small.

In the end, after many hours of design and trials, the ‘Ultimate’ was born. However we were a bit slow to realise it. It wasn’t until after many friends recommended it and wanted to buy them, that we realized we had a product that people wanted, but couldn’t get.

From here TimberWolf was born. 

Since that day we have gone on to add several more designs and add-ons to our range. 

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