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We've put together some of our favourite tips and tricks on using your fire pit the best way possible and enjoying it to the fullest extent. 



Fire Starter

There are many different fire starters available but you we are very fond of the humble long-stemmed match. Readily available and most houses have a few boxes kicking around. Next
up is the cigarette lighter – no we don’t smoke but you can normally find a couple in either of our vehicles at any time.

Using Your Fire PIt



Tinder is the small stuff that you use to start your fire. It can be anything from dry pine needles, bark, newspaper or even the dunny roll from the back of the ute! As long as its dry,
combustible, non-toxic the list is endless….sometimes we cheat and use an eco-friendly jiffy fire lighter, but only if its been wet or raining. Also, (trade secret, but a bunch or handful of the lint from your dryer acts works an excellent eco-friendly Firestarter. It burns hot and long and is just as effective as a jiffy, cheaper to!)




These are small dry sticks that will burn easily and long enough to get your firewood going.
These are typically softwoods like pine, cedar or poplar, or if stuck for options, you can use thinly cut pieces of your firewood.



This is the heart of your fire. Hard, dry seasoned hardwood that will keep you fire going hot and strong. Any of the eucalyptus family is usually suitable for fires, however we do find that red, yellow or white box to be perfect. Just make sure that it has been seasoned – as in
has been dead or cut down for at least a season to dry out and will burn easily with less smoke and unpleasant odour. We split ours in a mix from between 40mm to a maximum of 100mm diameter to use on our firepits.

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